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Electronic, "Out Of My League"

Posted on July 10, 2021 at 11:22:46

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25 years ago, my nerd girl friends were just into their working careers. The ones in biotech tended to earn a lot. And it was only natural, that they liked the synth-rock of Electronic's new album, Raise The Pressure.

But when you and the girls went to San Clemente, as an audiophile, you thought about AudioQuest, who were headquartered there. The nerd girls, OTOH, were leery of hot, sexy, pretty babes, passing by. You just shrugged, and thought to yourself, "Just like expensive cables, those babes are out of my league."

Maybe not pressure, but Electronic's "Out Of My League" triggered something, within the nerd girls' psyche. As a friend, she'd hook your arm. But when a hot babe passed by, and winked at you, the nerd girl would pull you closer.

After listening some more to "Out Of My League," perhaps with Kimber Silver Streak in your system, the nerd girl, instead of giving up, decided to do something about it. So she enlisted you and the other nerd girls, to dye her hair. Alas, we sucked at that, so the nerd girl swallowed hard, and made an appointment at the upscale salons the sexy babes went to.

Alas, nowadays we get our hair dyed, not to be sexy, but to cover the grays. Hard to believe that Electronic's "Out Of My League" is now a quarter century old. As my friends point out, in 1996, we weren't yet 25 years-old!

-Lummy The Loch Monster


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