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Eric Carmen, "All By Myself"

Posted on January 9, 2021 at 19:47:32

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An Inmate says that (a) his wife is my age, and (b) his wife's younger brother went to USF.* Therefore, he, or at least his in-laws, has ample reason to follow my posts. They not only are curious about the music, they love reading about "local" Bay Area spots, places, activities, and culture.

The Inmate emailed, "My wife wholeheartedly agrees. That Pet Shop Boys ["Being Boring"] post is the most heartfelt." And that led to him (or rather, his wife) suggesting Eric Carmen's "All By Myself." You see, when she was 3-years-old, and her brother was a newborn, she was blissfully playing with dolls. But then, "All By Myself" was overheard, and all of a sudden, she had this fear of being alone.

She says, "I know, as adults, that sounds funny. But it's true. That song freaked me out, and you never forget it."

Interestingly, the slide guitar solo on "All By Myself" was by Hugh McCracken. At the time, McCracken appeared on Steely Dan's albums.

OTOH, other audiophiles, now senior citizens, complain that "All By Myself" captures their current predicament, with romance in the rearview mirror. And when the Inmate above remarks that not much of pop music is like "All By Myself," the other audiophiles go, "Thank goodness for that!"

-Lummy The Loch Monster

* The Inmate's brother-in-law provided this photo of St. Ignatius church, which is on, and serves, the campus of USF.


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