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Death, "Spiritual Healing"

Posted on June 24, 2020 at 21:25:05

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Heavy metal audiophiles have been patiently waiting, to fete the 1990 height of hard rock, before grunge destroyed everything. Yeah, hair metal was on it way out. But that gave way to thrash, whose roots were in punk. In 1990, death metal came of age. One of the leaders was Death's "Spiritual Healing." Instead of the usual gorefest sludge, or jaggedly thin sound, legendary producer Scott Burns had the members of Death stay in Tampa, and gave the album a clearer, more focused sound. Each instrument is given its own space.

Here, Death took on a more technical and issue-based songwriting. At over seven-and-a-half minutes long, "Spiritual Healing" had enough room for interesting riffs, tempo changes, varied solos, and even a keyboard in the middle.

A year later, Death would fall in line with the trend of sounding thicker, with a lower tuning. So enjoy "Spiritual Healing" as the end of the band's more thrash-like phase.

Audiophiles like emailing me about what they were doing, 30 years ago. Riding a bike or skateboard to a record store was common. But while they can still listen to Death, getting on a skateboard may not, at our age, be a good idea.

-Lummy The Loch Monster


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