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Fates Warning, "We Only Say Goodbye"

Posted on January 7, 2017 at 16:58:13

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When we returned to school for the Winter '92 quarter, a quarter century ago (!), we were under the mushroom cloud of grunge and rap. So when we heard the outstanding progressive metal of Fates Warning's Parallels, we (albeit mistakenly) believed that grunge and rap were only passing fads, and that the mainstream would return to smart, well-crafted rock.

Musically, if you were ready to move forward in the vein of, say, Queensryche, you'd find a lot to like on Parallels. It was produced by Terry Brown, known for his work with Rush. Yes, the professional sound was in stark contrast to sludgy-sounding grunge.

If you can get over the subject matter of painful breakups, check out "We Only Say Goodbye."

Having seen the diminutive Totem Model 1 at the March 1993 Stereophile show in San Francisco, one audiophile used "We Only Say Goodbye" at California audio stores carrying that minimonitor. When I ran into him at S.F.'s Ultimate Sound (which did not yet carry Totem), he claimed that, of all the big and ballyhooed $2,500 speakers he'd heard, none did as credible a job on emotional rock material such as "We Only Say Goodbye" as the little Model 1 ($2175 with Target R-series stands).

I now play "We Only Say Goodbye" for a new, younger audience. Its members can't believe something that good has gone relatively unnoticed for so long. But yeah, rock/pop audiophiles have been enjoying it for 25 years, now.

-Lummy The Loch Monster


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