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Mike + The Mechanics, "Taken In"

Posted on December 28, 2016 at 21:10:29

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Ah, summer of '86. Genesis' "Invisible Touch" was exploding. Ex-Genesis front man Peter Gabriel had a huge hit, with "Sledgehammer." Ex-Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett also had a popular track, with GTR's "When The Heart Rules The Mind." So perhaps all of these crowded out Mike + The Mechanics' "Taken In."

I only recall seeing the video a handful of times, the most memorable shot being ice cream dropped on the lead singer's foot. "Taken In" is about betrayal, and not being able to recover the trust. I do not know about your particular market, but in both Honolulu and the Bay Area, radio stations hardly ever played it.

On some average spring day in 1996, I was with my then-girlfriend, ACS, in downtown San Francisco. KOIT happened to play "Taken In." One, you perk up, "Hey, I haven't heard that in ages!" Two, you then realize, "Hey, this is a great song!"

In late summer '96, ACS moved from a small apartment to a house. With more space in that house, ACS could grab a few more possessions from her parents' place. In the process, she came across a few LPs, one of which was Mike + The Mechanics' eponymous debut album. ACS did not have a turntable, so we brought some of her records to my place. Sigh, my Sumiko Pro-Ject 6 sounded absolutely wretched, was and still is my worst-sounding high-end audio product.

And in the 20 years since, radio stations still play Mike + The Mechanics' "All I Need Is A Miracle" and "The Living Years." But we still do not hear "Taken In."

-Lummy The Loch Monster


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RE: Mike + The Mechanics, "Taken In", posted on December 29, 2016 at 05:52:41

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I never could get into M+TM.


RE: Mike + The Mechanics, "Taken In", posted on December 29, 2016 at 15:10:33

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You're certainly in the majority on that one. :-)


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