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Boght myself two toys for my birthday,,

Posted on October 6, 2020 at 21:46:53

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First a bluesound node 2 I, a very good piece of equipment out of the box sound greats playing roon Amazon hd ant tidal, set up was super fast and trouble free, the BluOS app is great an very intuitive, I hooked up to a jolida integrated at $400 is very good,
The second one is a SMSL M500 DAC it plays MQA and DSD, that one its hooked trough USB to a notebook were my roon core resides and then to RCA outs to a Yamaha cx5100 prepro and peachtree 500 it , sound is laid back but full, recordings in MQA sound great with new recordings as opposed to old recordings remastered for higher bit rates ( let's say Diana Krall new album sound really spectacular as opposed to the MQA version of rush moving pictures) DSD sound great Claire de lune from Debussy in a DSDrelease fron Chesky sounded complete enveloping.
Next step trying the raspberry 4 route with the help of you particularly Abe who also uses Roon as prymary source but ceartainly cut throat ,e stat and all of you knowledgeable guys.


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RE: Boght myself two toys for my birthday,,, posted on October 7, 2020 at 05:41:42

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October 1, 2005
Hi, Javier,

Good to hear you're enjoying the Node 2i. I think it's a great streamer and holds its own against a quality CD player/transport when playing 16-44.1 files. When playing a well recorded and mixed 24-96 or higher resolution file it's comparable to a quality turntable setup. Especially the better 24-192 files, they can be amazing in their realism.

Have fun. And happy birthday!


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