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Interesting MQA Tidal find.

Posted on March 15, 2017 at 16:46:47

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By now I assume everyone knows about the Tidal streaming settings that let partial decoding of MQA be enjoyed without an MQA dac. But has anyone else noticed that when you are playing non MQA albums the sound is better with the force MQA settings shut off? I have several hundred favorites that are not Master level, but regular HiFi level. When I don't use the setting for MQA then my dac can upsample to 352.8 or 384 and the sound is much better. If I enable the force settings for MQA all I get is 44.1. Even if I don't upsample, the sound on non Master level is better with the 'use exclusive mode" off.
Just passing on my findings.


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