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OTL lovers in germany or poland or Czech Republic

Posted on January 31, 2017 at 11:55:56

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Location: east germany by silicon saxony
Joined: October 23, 2013
Hello guys, best greetings from Germany all OTL fans.
Here at home I feel somewhat abandoned, because of my love for the OTL technique. What I am looking for are people from Germany or Poland or Czech Republic, with whom I can develop new things. I use LTspice.
Here is my mail: sprussog@ymail.com With best greetings from Steffen


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RE: OTL lovers in germany or poland or Czech Republic, posted on February 1, 2017 at 13:54:40

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Location: near Belgrade / Serbia / Europa
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Hi Steffen

and welcome on the board ! ,

I think that your LTspice skill is one very good tool for development of modern high performance OTL amps ,

but why your colaboration is limited only with people from Germany,Poland and Czech Republic ? , is some commercial interest the reason ? ,
I think that If You want you can show your LTspice skill and ideas right here on line in this open forum ,
just for example ,and just If You want you can check via LTspice one of the first OTL amp ever developed , model H1 by Julius Futterman , from 1954 or so ,
it will be interesting to see specific characteristics of that simple amp as is...
-OLBW (Open Loop Band Widht)plot
-CLBW (Closed Loop Band Widht)plot
-BW vs OLG (Bandwidht vs Open Loop Gain)plot
-BW vs CLG (BandWidht vs Closed Loop Gain)plot
-open loop output impedance plot
-closed loop output impedance plot
-output power vs load(speaker) impedance plot
-DF (damping factor)plot
-THD spectrum vs output power plot
-Class A operation area vs OPS bias points and vs load(speaker) impedance plot
and so on ...

Best Regards

"Art which does not have the appearance of art is true art."
- Old Roman saying -


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