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m60s - power conditioner, surge suppressor, power cords

Posted on October 28, 2004 at 09:53:46

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I recently installed 3 20 amp dedicated lines into my listening room.
The M60s are each directly connected with a run of the mill computer type power cord. I live in the country and we have occasional surges. My front end is powered with a Monster 2000 power conditioner/surge suppressor. It is powered by the 3rd 20 amp circuit.

I am pleased with the sound, but concerned about the m60s not being protected from surges. I unplug them frequently when they are not in use.

1. Should I buy a surge suppressor for the M60s. If so, one for each? What would you recommend?

2. For this model, is there a significant benefit from adding a power conditioner or balance power with surge protection? If so, what models.

3. Any recommendations for 20 amp power cords.

I would like to keep the total below $2,000, and quite frankly, I am a bit suspicious that an outlay of that magnitude would increase my enjoyment of the system.




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My opinion, posted on October 28, 2004 at 10:02:57

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The M60s are not likely to be damaged at all by typical power surges, although voltage fluctuations ARE likely to alter the sound quality. Nevertheless, I would not recommend that you use a surge suppressor of any kind with which I am familiar. The potential negatives outweigh the positives. Ditto for power conditioners, etc, when subserving amplifiers. So you just saved ca $2000!

Don't think you need a "20-amp" power cord. You might try experimenting with after-market power cords for a slight improvement in sound quality. My rules of thumb: (1) Expensive is not always better. (2) Wires that make good speaker cables also make good power cords. (3) Altho you don't need a 20-amp capacity, do be sure that the power cord can handle at least 6-8 amps or so. You might try the cheapest Mapleshade cords; they seem promising, by description.


Inexpensive pc, posted on October 28, 2004 at 12:32:02

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Location: Minnesota
Joined: October 11, 2003
Thanks for your thoughts.

I looked at the Mapleshade power cords, and while they might work well, I guess I am going to look at something more substantial as my wife is partial to cats!

Pcs in the same price range include Lat Intenational, BPT and VH Cables. Anyone compare these or others in the same range on M60s?




I have found the Zcable Thunder PC's..., posted on October 28, 2004 at 13:39:53
...work very well on my M-60's. These may exceed the amount you have budgeted for the task.


Re: Inexpensive pc, posted on October 28, 2004 at 14:24:54

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Foundation Research is an option. It's a cord with inline filtering device and there are two versions of the LC, one being rated for higher current for amps. I have the low current one and use it on a phonostage but have not tried the high current ones on my M60s, but one of the atma-sphere dealers (San Diego area) who also carries these says the LC2 works great on the M60s.


Agree with Lew - avoid the surge protectors..., posted on October 28, 2004 at 15:14:10

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The best thing you can do for any Atma-Sphere amplifier is give it as good a power connection directly back to your service panel as you can, without surge protectors and other devices in the way that might limit current draw.

In my opinion, the best thing any of us can do for our electronic gear is to provide one or more dedicated AC lines (lots of threads on this in the archives here and at AudiogoN), use high quality in wall receptacles (all copper/brass with no plating), and use a good power cord from the gear to the wall. Spending money on these three areas will give far more "bang for the buck" than any of the surge protectors or power supplies designed to sit in our listening rooms.

As to power cords, none of us will have been able to try everything. I'll just add my own experience that I've found the Silent Source power cords to work very well with my Atma-Sphere MA-2s. They may be out of the price range you're willing to consider, but they would be a better investment than a power conditioner or surge protector. And, still, I'd make a dedicated AC line my first priority.


Re: Agree with others . . ., posted on October 28, 2004 at 19:23:32
Mike Mount

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Location: midwest
Joined: September 25, 2004
Yes, I too agree with others.

No AC conditioning is used for amps in either system . . .
Good, stiff high current (30 amps-each MA1se and 60 amp-No.336), direct (if possible).
The outlets for my amps are only 12 feet from the box : ) No AC-line sagging in these parts.

I have been really surprised by benefits of separating front ends from my amps, in both systems.

I do use PS Power Ports (great! AC outlets - awesome value) or would at least, recommend
(as Rushton : ) 'appropriate AC links'. I've budgeted to purchase and experiment more with
different types of AC cables, will post more on this later.

My AC cables are reasonably priced and have benefit the main system, MP1 and MA1 SE. http://virtualdynamics.ca/products/POW/PW3
I have also been using a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet on MP1 and front ends.
Pretty cool (must have) devices!

**For record - my NYAL OTL3s really benefit (are more *stable*)
from Ultimate Outlet, I am assume corrected hi-freq AC line issue?
Any ideas on this one???

Sort of NOT RELATED - SS gear may be different???
I have owned (updated) and used PS Audio P300 (since it came out)
on my Levinson DAC and Preamp - I love IT!

Fabulous first hand experiences with these possibilities when used reasonably.


Re: m60s - vh audio flavor 4 power cord, posted on October 29, 2004 at 04:18:38

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The vh audio flavor 4 power cord seems to have received great comments on the cable asylum - and it is not expensive (comparatively speaking).


Does anyone use these with m60s? Comments?




Re: m60s - power conditioner, surge suppressor, power cords, posted on November 12, 2004 at 16:11:11

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You should try the Silver audio Wattmaster power cord with your M-60s. You won't believe your ears for the overall sonic results. They cost $525 each for 2 meter length. I have been using the Wattmaster and the more affordable Powerburst [$220 1m,$170 1m]in my system for the last 10 days. I have tried the Powerburst with my Soundlab A-1+ Electrostats as I would like to know if they would be any good with the speakers. It was unbelievable!! Then I used the Wattmaster with my Atma-sphere MP-1. The same!!! And the next step was 4 Powerbursts with the Atma-sphere MA-2s MK.3. Again INCREDIBLE!!!!!!
I had tried in the past power cords that were even worse than the ones supplied with amps. On other occasions they were very good BUT not overall. The silveraudio.com cords are really different. Lucas


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