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V-Cap realigns North American dealer network for improved customer service

Posted on May 10, 2019 at 08:38:07

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V-Cap realigns North American dealer network for improved customer service

NORTH PRAIRIE, WI May 9th. 2019/VH Audio/- Chris VenHaus, the President and Head Designer of VH Audio, announced today that effective May 10th, 2019 the company's V-Capô line of high-end audio capacitors will be retailed exclusively through VH Audio, in North America. The V-Cap dealer organization in Europe and Asia will be unaffected by this change.

When asked about the decision, VenHaus stated; "Many of our customers are OEMs and Mod Pros who have worked with us learn how to deploy our capacitors to achieve world class results. We think it's important to provide access to the same application information and support by working directly with our DIY customers, so they may realize the full potential of their V-Cap purchase."

Since the introduction of VH Audio's award-winning TFTF series of capacitors in 2004, V-Caps have earned an unparalleled reputation among audiophiles, musicians, and equipment makers for absolute musicality, and have been voted the best-sounding capacitors available on the market in numerous independent shoot-outs.

About VH Audio

VH Audio manufactures a full line of high-performance Audiophile components to meet the needs of DIY, enthusiast, and professional markets. VH Audio offers their exclusive product lines of wire, cables, and components at In addition, VH Audio stocks an assortment of products from the world's leading manufacturers, personally selected by Chris VenHaus.

Chris VenHaus, President
VH Audio, Inc

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