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Introducing Cabledyne Reference Cables

Posted on August 27, 2012 at 17:46:44

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Cabledyne is a consolidated group of companies with 14 years of commercial and specialty high-end audio cable manufacturing. Cabledyne Reference products are a synergistic assembly of precision component parts based on our specific engineering and performance testing requirements. Our products reflect many years of in-field use and positive customer feedback. We sell only one cable line, our very best product.

Cabledyne Reference products include RCA/XLR interconnect cables, speaker cables, biwire speaker cables, RCA/XLR/USB digital cables, power cords, and accessories. Our Reference cables offer exceptional build quality, outstanding sonic performance, and genuine value at manufacturer-direct prices. We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, secure online ordering, and ship worldwide.

Our Design Philosophy

Solid copper flat-wire conductors: Super-refined 6N monocrystal copper has a superior sonic quality compared to silver, gold, palladium, and plated conductors. The monocrystal structure allows unimpeded signal propagation by eliminating grain boundaries. Flat-wire has lower distortion and better high frequency extension than ordinary round wire. We employ only optimally sized single conductors per phase as multiple conductors create time smearing of the audio signal.

Fluoropolymer dielectrics: Hyflon MFA air core tubing with no fillers for the absolute lowest signal dissipation next to a perfect vacuum.

True EMI shield: Our exclusive Inconel cable sheath is a passive shield that prevents damaging noise-induced currents. The durable, non-magnetic metallic sheath also prevents additional signal dissipation loss of plastic cable jackets (PVC and braids).

Select connectors: Sonically screened and design matched plugs and spades by Cardas, Wattgate, Furutech, Heico, Hubbell, and KLS. Termination methods employ machined-crimped contact points (where applicable) and soldering with eutectic formulated solder. Power products are cryogenically treated.

Sonic Impression

Our Reference cables are tonally accurate and extended, revealing fine musical detail in the best recordings. Overall character is neutral, open, and clear. There is no extra warmth and veiling typical of conventional copper cables.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not delighted with your purchase for any reason, you may return products in original, new condition within 30-days. Refunds include the full purchase price less shipping costs. Please contact us for a Return Authorization before returning products.


Prices listed in our shopping cart are limited time promotional prices. We process all customer orders via our secure shopping cart


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