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GroundHanger Dream released! Heavenly liquidity!

Posted on August 2, 2011 at 00:16:16

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After more than one year in production we release our Dream model. It was designed for maximum liquid smooth sound while sounding extremely transparent and open. I tried Mullard 12AU7 tubes and they sounded harsh, muddy and slow in comparison. GroundHanger Dream sounds super quick, liquid and open.

This liquid smooth openness can be had from ultra high-end gear costing tens of thousands of dollars. For example EMM Labs' reference combo with optical ST Glass connection and Nordost Valhalla power cables. I found that they were only tone controls and gave no real improvements.

I downgraded from a reference dCS stack + 6 Valhalla into EMU0404 USB + GroundHanger Dream and got better sound than ever. It's so silky smooth that I can use stock cables everywhere in my system.
After a few minutes of listening it felt like my body was floating in air. It was addicting and I stayed up all night listening to music.

GroundHanger Dream uses specially treated copper to give pleasing warm harmonics to the sound while increasing bass size and texture.

The technology inside smoothens and increases resolution to reduce listening fatigue.

The crust was specially made to maximize liquidity while giving "see through" transparency.

Everything in this GroundHanger was tuned to give the most dreamy sound possible.


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