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Kurt Strain Audio is now Online for custom transformers

Posted on August 29, 2009 at 12:17:35
See for needed purchases for the best in custom made signal transformers, mostly for tube audio. I specialize in autotranformers since I feel if you can use one of these, you will have the best sounding magnetic circuit possible.

Applications include:

MC Step-Up of the amount you need with SOTA sound quality - guaranteed.

AVC that doesn't have the problems associated with other AVC's or TVC's. This one sounds just right and was developed over years of experimentation - guaranteed.

A Headphone Output Transformer for properly driving headphones without having to build an entire power amp to do it. SET sound quality, adding rock solid bottom end, and extremely low distortion. You'll love it, guaranteed.

Your own 400H inductor with taps you need for making: phase splitter, 1:N interstage, N:1 Line Stage Output transformer, or just a grid choke. Highest possible signal fidelity for these applications, guaranteed.

Dream up your own idea for what you need.

The guarantee applies from 8/31/2009 to 9/29/2009. See the website for details.



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