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Spintricity - A New Online High-end Audio Magazine

Posted on December 22, 2008 at 10:32:37
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We have started a new online magazine for audiophiles looking for more ways to enjoy high-end audio and perhaps get some of that old excitement back.

A magazine that has a glossy look like a high-quality print magazine, but without the need to limit the number of pages, because it is all online, there is no limit to the depth and breadth of coverage we can provide.

A magazine where we try to be a little more quirky and daring than your traditional *snore* magazine [Music reviews of music people under 50 *really* listen to. Writers actually get to say what they *really* think. And lots and lots of large, glorious photos].

A magazine that focuses both on the inexpensive [we have Trelja and Duke both signed up to write for us] as well as the ultra expensive [the first issue has articles on the Lamm ML3 Signature amplifiers and Nordost ODIN power cords].

... and you [yes, YOU] can participate!

We will publish any well-written article submitted to us [email us at].

We especially welcome such articles, in addition to press releases and, of course, photos, from people in the industry - dealers and manufacturers, and distributors, which will be published free of charge [email us at].

We also offer space for affordable paid advertising in 1/4 page all the way up to full-window sizes.

We are brand-spanking new, and we are looking for all kinds of feedback, suggestions, questions, whatever....

Please, we want to know what YOU think.



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