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Size of the LRS and/or 0.7 Pole Pieces ?

Posted on October 24, 2022 at 11:51:16

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Does any of you know the size of the rectangular Pole Pieces (PP) of the LRS(+) and/or the MG 0.7 speakers?
Why, you may ask...
Because I spend considerable amount of time and money (mostly time) on doing a pair of Oak Magnestand clones for my MG12's. I'm really happy with the results of the Stands :-) Unfortunately I was careless for a split second and broke the tweeter foil near the attachment post (sorry whats the name of this thingy?).
I used some silver defogging wire repair to fix the problem, but i seems to have lost some treble level in that speaker.
I have some 30NF on it's way and will try to reroute the foil to avoid any breaks.
It just made me consider a plan B if this fails... or as an upgrade

Maybe I could make some adjustment to the Oak frames and place the Pole Pieces for some LRS or 0.7's in here instead. It all depends on the measurements of the PP's.


Martin Roerup, Denmark.


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