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Room position comments

Posted on May 7, 2019 at 19:29:51

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Hey guys. I'd like to throw my room placement at you. Right now I think I've settled in. I was wrestling with my seated position and moving it 2' up or back. Chose to have it up. Interested in any comments. The speakers seem to give a very even response around the room. I only have absorption panels in each corner. Heavy Acoustic tile ceiling w carpeting w pad over cement seem to avoid any slap echo. Any suggestions/ thoughts/comments welcome. I am no room guru.

Speaker 20.7
Room 30x17x8 (suspended acoustic tile ceiling with 1 foot above that)

Speaker position from front wall: ribbon:9'8"/ outer edge 10'6"
Speakers 10'11" apart - inner edge to inner edge
Tweets in
Speakers about 10" from side walls
Seated position (head) 21' 2"
Distance from rear wall 8'10"


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