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More PA sports intrigue

Posted on July 24, 2012 at 15:47:26
Neil E.

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Piotr Nowak is suing the Philadelphia Union for severance pay he believes is owed him after the club fired him. The Union are saying he was let for for cause and the letter of termination spells out the reasons....

An excerpt of said letter:

"Club hereby notifies Manager that it is terminating the Employment Agreement, and Manager's employment thereunder, for cause pursuant to Paragraph !II(A) due to:

1. various material breaches of League Rules (including the League's Collective Bargaining Agreement), including physical confrontations with players and officials during a Team game resulting in a fine and multi-game suspension, interfering with the rights of Team players to
contact the players' union with concerns, subjecting Team players to inappropriate hazing activities and engaging in behavior that put the health and safety of Team players at risk.

2. material breaches of the Employment Agreement, including engaging in discussions regarding, and otherwise actively seeking, employment by other professional soccer teams in Europe and making disparaging remarks to third parties regarding Club, its management and its ownership.

3. demonstrating gross negligence, including putting the health and safety of Team players at risk by requiring injured players to participate in strenuous training activities, not allowing players to
have water during such activities despite temperatures in excess of 80 degrees, ignoring the advice of the head athletic trainer regarding which players are healthy enough to play in games and participate in training sessions and creating an atmosphere where medical issues should be
hid from medical staff and not treated.

4. committing actions that have reflected ill a materially adverse manner on the integrity, reputation and goodwill of Club and the Team (in the eyes of the League, U.S. Soccer, current and potential Team players, sponsors and fans), including the unusually harsh treatment of players described above, actions during Team games that have resulted in fines and suspensions, the multiple breaches of League Rules and a discussion (by you or your agent on your behalf) with the head of U.S. Soccer that was in very poor taste and left a very bad impression with U.S. Soccer.

5. multiple incidents of insubordination with respect to the Club's Chief Executive Officer, including claiming at one point (in direct contradiction to the terms of the Employment Agreement) that he does not report to the Club's Chief Executive Officer.

6. various material breaches of Team Rules, including creating a hostile work environment and culture of fear for Team players and other front office employees by orally berating and physically intimidating fellow employees.

Club has determined that the above infractions are not capable of being cured and believes your continued employment by Club would continue to cause material harm to Club."

Dirty laundry hanging out at PPL Park for everyone to see as the MLS All Stars get ready to play Chelsea tomorrow night. I don't believe Nowak will find work with another MLS club after this.

The good news is Califf may return to the Union in some manner (Assistant Coach) at some time. Me thinks the trade was as much an attempt to remove a perceived threat to his job as it was to improve the team.



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Predators match Flyers' offer sheet for Weber, posted on July 25, 2012 at 09:22:54
Bored Member

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May 17, 2009
Neil what's the story with Shea Weber? No dice, right?


That's what I heard on the radio, posted on July 25, 2012 at 09:31:48
Neil E.

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in the car this morning on the way to work. Can't believe Nashville matched the offer. I'm sure the other clubs are thanking Snider for driving player contract prices up. I hear it may be the last time the Flyers, or anyone else, can offer those kinds of contracts with the new CBA coming up soon. I guess there are no more big fish for the Flyers to go after now in the free agency market.



The Nashville didn't have any choice but to..., posted on July 25, 2012 at 10:07:02

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April 6, 2008
Matched the offer, if they want to continue to be competitive in their division, after Suter had bolted for the Wild. Besides, they do need Weber on the back end to anchor their defense first style of hockey. Y’know, after Weber signed the offer sheet from the Flyers, everybody thought, and it would’ve been a big disaster for the entire NHL if Kelly Clarkson was hired to play defense.

After the Predators matched the Flyers offer, now everybody in Nashville can rest assured knowing that Clarkson won’t be suiting to play defense anytime soon….

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