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FS: Lundahl iron for PP300B amp

Posted on September 1, 2016 at 11:38:03

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So over a number of years I collected parts, including the following Lundahl iron, for building either Lynn Olson's Karna or Kevin's variation of the PP300B amp. I have essentially all the parts to build them but I never got further than to start to put the power supply chassis together. My life and its priorities changed and I am not getting back into DIY in any meaningful way, so I am listing my iron for sale here.

LL9202AM/PP $500 for the pair
LL1692A/PP $300 for the pair
LL1667AM/PP $300 for the pair

My pricing works out to ~60% of retail and these are all unused, unsoldered. Just sat on my shelf for years. If one has interest, you can inquire about all or most of the rest of the parts.

"When Khruschev said "we will bury you" I don't think he meant with surplus parts." zacster


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