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Six Altec 414Zs ... Odd Resistance Readings?

Posted on March 5, 2017 at 10:49:04
Jim Hodgson

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Location: New York City
Joined: March 9, 2006
I just pulled six Altec 414Zs out of my storage facility to use in a new project. I took resistance readings with a multimeter of all six drivers, and I came up with some odd results -- I think?

Four of these drivers came from a pair of Altec Carmels. All four of them measure 5.8 ohms.

Two of these drivers came from a pair of Altec Sevilles. Both of them measure 11.6 ohms.

All six of these drivers appear identical, with gold frames and stickers indicating "IMPEDANCE 16 OHMS.")

I'm wondering why the Carmel-origin 414Zs measure so low? And is it just a coincidence that the Seville-origin 414Zs measure exactly twice the resistance of the Carmel-origin 414Zs? (Note that the Carmels utilized two 414Zs per cabinet. Could this explain these results?)

As I need just two for my project, I'm wondering which two to select. They'll be mated with 1" Altec compression drivers (originally from the Carmels) that measure 8.8 ohms.



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RE: Six Altec 414Zs ... Odd Resistance Readings?, posted on March 5, 2017 at 14:01:14
Uncle Mike

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In the Carmels two in series would give 11.6 ohm resistance, 16 ohm nominal. I'd bet that is how they were wired in the cabinets. The crossover padding would adjust the compression driver to suit. You have realize those Altec guys were clever.


RE: Six Altec 414Zs ... Odd Resistance Readings?, posted on March 7, 2017 at 08:49:53
Alpha Al
Industry Professional

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December 3, 2015
Sounds to me like the ones that measure 5.8 Ohms have been reconed to be 8 ohms.

Mine are 8 Ohms, that is approximately what they measure.


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