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xover from small midbass to SAHF w. 511 or Gollehon midhorn ?

Posted on January 3, 2017 at 22:32:47

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I'll have to measure my neckless Gollehon horn which is similar in mouth size to the 511. It may be weaker on the low end than a 511.

the little (7 cubic foot bulk) midbass has a Community 111913 12" and calculates as ~110dB 1pi @ 2.83v. I'm not sure if I can pull it up in the 400Hz region or not by pulling down the input impedance with a 2nd order network and low source Z amplifier. (woofer Le=1.65mH)

IIRC the mids sounded plenty loud - a good tweeter needs to be rolled in.

does 24uF look like too much cap for the midhorn? the SAHF are ancient but seem usable as I had them running with FH1 at one point. I could try a swamping resistor.

Its a good little midbass and should make a good little mono rig. I don't know if the scaled Classic S9 will turn out as well.

Gollehon horn - no "neck" - the mouth is a bit larger than a 511
it won't "cow bell" like an unsupported 511

here's its on-axis response vs an Altec 511 using an old University SA-HF
511 is somewhat stronger on the low end

the baby University Classic will be about 6 cubic foot in overall bulk but has more wasted space in its back chamber and in front of the throat
section than the horn above and due to form vs size, is relegated to a 10 inch frame driver. - I could never get a real Classic so it will be symbolic.

cheap 2mm xmax TF1020 sims about as well as anything else in the baby Classic

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RE: xover from small midbass to SAHF w. 511 or Gollehon midhorn ?, posted on January 4, 2017 at 12:59:16

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March 28, 2017
The Gollehon was a nice horn with a K55V on it, crossed to the KSN1016A.

I crossed it to the Electro-Voice Regency enclosure with a custom Eminence woofer (cone similar to the EV15B).

Measured flatter, sounded better than the Altec 605 in the same enclosure.

Stuck the Gollehon on top in a box trimmed to look like a 'B' style Klipschorn.
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