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Buying the correct volt transformer

Posted on December 4, 2012 at 13:43:12

Trying to buy the correct transformer and if possible make use of Obligatto OIL cap if I go with choke filter PS.

I will be building a power supply for my Soundsmith phono preamp. I am considering a couple of options. The easiest would be to order the PS boards and components from and add my own transformer. The work here is already done and I will probably build their unit. The details for the PS is here:

They say for 24-25 volts out to use an AVEL 160VA 18 + 18 to supply a stereo amp and after regulation the voltage will go from 18 to 25 volts.

Since the Soundsmith needs 24 Volts all is good. MY QUESTION is should I expect that much of rise in voltage if I choose to construct a different PS using similar rectifiers. I was considering a choke filtered PS but keeping the same rectifiers. I have contacted Hammond and asked the question and they said to expect a 10% drop in voltage, if that goes from 25 to 22.5 that is acceptable.

Putting it differently is doing away with the 10,000uF cap after the diode bridge going to drop the voltage even further than the 25 volts I would see before the choke. I am trying to buy the correct iron for the job.


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