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Musical Paradise MP-D2 DAC

Posted on December 21, 2016 at 08:15:02

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Hi I'm very seriously considering purchasing this 27 lb, 13.5" W x 15" D x 6" H, Musical Paradise MP-D2 DAC for $999.

It's quite versatile in the tubes that can be used:

•Signal tubes - 6.3V series: 6N11 (stock), 6H6, 6H30, E88CC, E188CC,6922, 6DJ8 or 12.6V series: 12AU7, 12BH7, E80CC.

•Rectifier tubes - 6.3V series: 6Z5P (stock), 6X5 or 5V series: 5R4, 5AR4, 5U4G, 5Y3, GZ34

Plus you can actually "roll" the output coupling capacitors as well! You can read more about it at the link below. However before I take the plunge. I'd like to know if there's another DAC near the Musical Paradise's $999 price that anyone here believes is as good or perhaps an even better deal? TIA

Thetubeguy1954 (Tom Scata)

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