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New Inmate Profiles/New BBS Beta

Posted on March 31, 2000 at 10:37:18
Rod M

There are a bunch of new options in the Inmate Systems profile that you can set now. Default signature lines, moniker protection from impersonators, and other stuff that is totally optional that I just tossed I while I was adding fields.

Select Manage/Change Account Information to update your profile.

I've also changed the Beta BBS code to be an open forum that does not require registration. Anyone can post. If the poster uses a registered Inmate's moniker, then the poster will show up in grey text. Logged in registered users show up in dark blue. Unregistered users are the normal black.

There's also an option in the user profile to require a password to use your registered moniker. That will prevent anyone from posting with it unless they have the password.

Let me know what you folks think. This version would be exactly what we have now plus registered users have the option to login (or set a cookie) and will then have access to the email script redirect, auto-fillin, default signature lines and all the stuff. It does not require registration to post.

After we decide what folks like or don't like, we can switch to this version at any time. I wouldn't normally post this to all the boards, but not everyone reads the General board and this is a major change if we chose to go forward with it.


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