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Advice sought on feeding an EVS DAC

Posted on March 30, 2000 at 18:56:24

I'm one of the many people standing in line for an EVS DAC. I currently use a pretty humble digital front end, the Sony CDP-XA3ES, which only has a Toslink out. I assumed I should be shopping for a good used transport or a CDP-for-use-as-a-transport with a proper digital out, but some of the posts from those more knowledgeable (I guess that means everyone), suggest that I MIGHT consider holding onto the SONY and routing the signal to an Assemblage or Monarchy de-jittering and upsampling device, and thereby take advantage of its better outs. I was about to ask if there was any consensus on this, but that's too much to hope for; how about some exhortations instead?


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Re: Advice sought on feeding an EVS DAC, posted on March 31, 2000 at 02:06:29
You'll be needing a Perpetual Tescnologies P-1A to feed that EVS Millennium. Then your source / transport is forgiven by the buffering of the P-1A, then you get your upsampling. And your I2S upgrade option, and your Perpetual speaker and room correction upgrades. And Ric at EVS promises all kinds of synergistic tweaks for the combo.

They sound magical together, I own both. And this with no thought (and need) of interconnect quality.


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