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The oversized format, with flimsy paper stock is worse

Posted on November 1, 2004 at 13:29:35
Larry S

Oh, I pine for the days when SGHT was printed in the same format as Stereophile and normal paper stock. I think this was part of SGHT's "dumbing down" strategy to make it compete against that "other" oversized home theater magazine. With it's oversized format and onion-skin paper, it's like a giant wad of tissue paper. Two hands to hold it, or desk to set it on. I'm sorry, but I like reading on a couch while holding a cup of coffee.

Has Atkinson ever thought about doing a valid poll of how many would prefer the old size, with decent paper stock, instead of the oversized format with the flimsy paper? Hey, if the format's so good, why haven't adopted it for Stereophile?


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