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Video of Lorin Maazel/Cleveland Orchestra Performing Beethoven's Ninth.....

Posted on February 7, 2021 at 16:56:07
Todd Krieger

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1977, Mexico City...... The second half of the final movement got cut off due to "technical difficulties"...... There were also "momentary blackouts" during the video.

The sound quality isn't good, listen in mono if possible. (The audio is in mono and pans to the right.) But otherwise, one of the greatest symphony orchestras ever assembled...... (The great wind and brass sections, in particular.) You can hear it through the dated/compromised recording quality.

There were not a lot of videos of the Cleveland Orchestra performing during what I would call its "virtuosic era" (between 1960 and 1990).....

This link was made possible by the Cleveland Orchestra posting some "virtual videos" to fill a void of canceled concerts due to the COVID pandemic. (The COVID restrictions on the Cleveland Orchestra are some of the strictest amongst the major orchestras..... Most of the uploaded COVID performances have no wind or brass players, and every performer wearing a mask.) The video service is called Adella Live. (There is also a paid service, but it's kind of pricey.) Enjoy!


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