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Did Kundry find her fool? After being sorely disappointed by Gergiev's Walkure, I just downloaded his Parsifal

Posted on July 30, 2020 at 15:46:26

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6.50GBP. Why not?

Four hours and 30 minutes worth.

Just hoping the live performances seems less studio-bound this time around, and all involved are actually emotionally-involved with the story.


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Better be careful! One of our members seems to have taken his toys and gone home. . . , posted on July 30, 2020 at 16:34:02
Chris from Lafayette
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February 6, 2012
. . . over the Gergiev Parsifal. He claimed that Gergiev didn't understand the work (or didn't understand Wagner - I forget now). I claimed he was arrogant to say that. Now I think he only posts on Vinyl Asylum. Too bad.

In any case, I've heard the Gergiev Walkure and Parsifal only via Qobuz, but I thought the sound quality on both was amazingly good - even confined to two-channel.

In the meantime however, I've sent in yet ANOTHER SACD order to BRO, this one including Janowski's MCh Meistersinger and Parsifal on Pentatone - 24 dollars each. BTW, that's an amazing price you got on your Gergiev Parsifal download. Maybe they're offering it at fire-sale prices because Gergiev doesn't understand it (or doesn't understand Wagner!). ;-)

Finally, further progress in listening to Janowski's Ring Cycle (in reverse chronological oder): I finished Siegfried yesterday. Sound quality is still superb, Stephen Gould (Siegfried here) is better than Lance Ryan (as Siegfried in Janowski's Gotterdammerung), Violeta Urmana was about what I expected as Brunhilde (and I wasn't expecting much!), Tomasz Konieczny (Wanderer/Wotan) was a nice surprise - not bad at all, Anna Larsson (Erda, "The Green-Faced Torso") was surprisingly good too (she's had a long career), and Christian Elsner (Mime) practices the kind of hectoring vocalism which seems to be de rigueur for so many singers in this role. And, once again, the Berlin RSO covers itself with glory. Next up in the Janowski cycle: Die Walkure.


A lot of the Mravinsky Opera box sets are priced at $6.50. Keep an eye out. nt, posted on July 30, 2020 at 16:45:52

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