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Bi Wired and Bi-Amping...

Posted on January 3, 2021 at 12:06:30

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Sort of.

Still waiting for the RCA splitters to arrive so I can TRULY bi-amp. Right now the right channel of the right amp is driving BOTH drivers of the right speaker and the left the same.

Should have TRUE bi-amping by the end of the day.

Got the Duelund Dual DCA16GA tinned copper multistrand wire in cotton and oil (what kind of oil? They don't say.) cables all made up and installed.

Better than lamp cord? Likely so, but then I have not tried bi-wiring the horns with lamp cord, let alone bi-amping, so I can not say with any certainty.

Just a guess.

Two watts per cable and four cables total is the plan. 16 Gauge should work as each driver is rated at 105dB (horn loaded). I doubt even a full watt is ever be seen by any of these cables.


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