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AudioQuest CV-4, Part 10

Posted on November 4, 2020 at 21:27:53

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In the early-2000s, an audiophile nicknamed Huge reached out to me about cables. I asked him why he had the name Huge, and he said, "My real name is Eugene, but no one ever called me 'Gene.' Instead, they called me 'Euge.' Thing is, by the end of grade school, I was getting rather large. So they called me 'Huge'."

Huge acknowledged that most of his audiophile acquaintances did not care about sports. Whenever I brought up sports, Huge had mixed emotions. He nodded that, as the "fat kid, they made me catcher [baseball], power forward [basketball], and lineman [football]. In football, they said I wasn't savage enough, so they put me on the O-line." So Huge read with interest, when my situation was the opposite: always going to academic schools, I always had small, slow, or otherwise weak teammates. Huge chuckled that, my friends and I ran sweeps, threw screens, and generally went east-west. "Well," Huge laughed, "That was the smart thing to do. We were like...running into a brick wall over and over again."

Huge chuckled, "You listened to music to kick ass in sports, and fall in love with girls. When we [audiophiles] listen to music, it's to escape!"

In the 2000s, Huge used some AudioQuest Rocket speaker cable models. In the 2010s, he passed up a good deal on AQ CV-8 speaker cable. In the past, Huge has been once of my writing partners. But when I started reviewing the AQ CV-4, Huge raised his eyebrows. It's not that he had any interest in the CV-4 for his own systems. He was just curious as to how the CV-4 would pan out, and compare to his and his friends' experiences with other AQ models.

In the 2000s, AQ used a square, pizza box-style, flip-lid box [right]. In the 2010s, AQ used a more rectangular flip-top box [left].

When we were in high school in the late-80s, we loved local Bay Area band, Testament. For a small number of my female friends, this was their first hard rock concert. Due to popular trends, Testament fell out of favor in the 1990s. But in the latter half of the 00s, they convinced guitar whiz Alex Skolnick to return. Check out 2008's "More Than Meets The Eye." Years back, Huge wrote, "I'm so glad that you not only cite the music, you actually tell us something about it, how it affected you, and how good [sic] the cable reproduces it." Later, he reported that, one of his audiophile friends had a son, who saw Testament in 2013 or so, in Connecticut.

Readers have observed that pairs of AQ CV-4 have been shown with (a) Z-plug type "BFA" bananas, or (b) spades. And for once, we actually have them at the same time.

Ignore the Transformers' slogan, "More than meets the eye." Note that the sleeve on the banana is matte plastic. But the sleeve holding the spade is the same length, but has a shiny finish.

In the 00s, AQ supplied a 48V DBS case (left), which houses the four 12V A23 batteries. Since then, they've utilized the 72V case, which has to be longer, in order to house the six 12V A23 batteries.

Most amps have just one pair of binding posts. Since we have CV-4 with bananas and spades, we can attach them both to the one binding post.

This sort of reminds us of the AudioQuest discrete biwire (a) Indigo I used to have, and (b) whichever Rocket series models Huge used to own. Huge correctly observes that with 3.5" leads, the spade-equipped CV-4 may be difficult to attach/hook up. He also put forth, "I think I know when your writing partner is a woman. When you copy and paste, you forget to change the gender!"

Huge may or may not assist me with the next post, but in the future, we'll do some more comparisons.

-Lummy The Loch Monster


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RE: AudioQuest CV-4, Part 10, posted on November 10, 2020 at 01:02:37

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Big fan of Cables and Testament- Lummy.


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