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Gold vs. Rhodium Spades---Part 2

Posted on March 14, 2017 at 13:04:17

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November 13, 2015
A couple months ago (link attached) I asked about the sound differences between Furutech FP-201R Rhodium spades versus the Gold version (FP-201G). Since then I bought a set of the Golds, wired them up with the same wire as the Rhodium spades, broke them in for well over 100 hours, and then compared them to the Rhodium. The bottom line is I prefer the sound of the Rhodium spades. The Rhodium is faster, cleaner, and more neutral tonally. The Gold is warmer in the bass but softens the leading edges of transients, it seems rolled off in the highs, and the soundstage perspective is more distant than the Rhodium.

My reactions were pretty similar to the views expressed by Cougar and some others in the earlier thread. Also, in the earlier thread I had complained the Rhodium spades sounded a bit lean. That changed as they broke in more fully. I have no complaints now about the bass with the Rhodium spades.

Each set of spades was used as jumper wires for the Midrange-Woofer connection on my Spendor SP-100s which have tri-wiring terminals. The wire for each set of jumpers was 12g silver-coated stranded copper Mil-Spec wire.


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RE: Gold vs. Rhodium Spades---Part 2, posted on March 14, 2017 at 18:18:58

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Your findings are in line with most listeners, especially due to the high-mass copper base metal. The two diverse-sounding metal platings make a substantial impact on the tonality and sense of speed, especially the leading edge. Very similar to gold vs. rhodium plated pure copper base metal Furutech FI-15 AC connectors. It can often be a component/system/listener dependent issue as to which may be of preference. So many variables to contend with at times...


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