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Vinyl Asylum: Try Uncle Electrovice's Special Dolphin-Safe Recipe... by mr.bear

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Try Uncle Electrovice's Special Dolphin-Safe Recipe...

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I mixed up some Home Brew Jungle Juice Record Cleaner, Uncle Electrovice's Special Dolphin-Safe Recipe: 1 Quart = 3 cups highly deionoized/filtered water from the local health food store machine + 1 cup finest drugstore 91% isopropyl alcohol (speak to your pharmacist!) + 2 drops Triton, shaken, not stirred. It is very light on the Triton, based on my studies of VA archives and it seems to work OK that way. It actually is working really well right now, using my "vintage" carbon-fiber cleaning pad for everyday. At about $1 / quart- dealio! My wife uses it with microfiber towels on eyeglasses, all Plexiglas things, phones, and video screens-- god knows what else.

Yes friends!! It slices! It dices! It glows in the dark!

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