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Vinyl Asylum: RE: We've had cats for decades, so I feel your pain. by magiccarpetride

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RE: We've had cats for decades, so I feel your pain.

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Thank you for the suggestion. For some reason, the stylus cleaning brush leaves the hairs on the stylus. It's almost like the hair strand had wrapped itself around the stylus and won't let go.

I am meticulously cleaning all my LPs in my RCM, and am carefully brushing each side twice before I play them. I'm using Audioquest anti-static brush. I'm also dipping my stylus into Magic Eraser before and after I play each LP side. So the stylus is clean, it's only the hairs are stuck there (they're visible with naked eye).

Question: how much do you think the hairs could affect the playback sound quality?

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Topic - How to remove cat hair from the stylus? - magiccarpetride 08:55:32 07/5/20 ( 16)