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It has been years,

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decades actually, since I had stacked Advents.

I tried them horizontal as Hornlover described, but preferred them vertical, with tweeters up.

I wonder if your stridency results from a damaged tweeter or crossover problem? Placing the tweeters so high and low puts you out of the direct radiation as you have them when seated.

Also, someone recommended placing a resistor (?) inline between the two speakers to roll off one woofer around 100 Hz or so. That way it functioned more as a mid-woofer and overall bass was reduced. That resulted in better balanced sound overall. Sorry, I don't remember the value or know enough about crossovers to calculate it. But I liked that best.

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Topic - Stacked advents woofer to woofer - sanman 08:27:54 01/21/21 ( 13)