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Tweakers' Asylum: What's Going On With Welborne Labs? by SRMcGee

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What's Going On With Welborne Labs?

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Is anyone else having a problem with Ron Welborne?

I've been a customer of his for a five or six years and have generally been pleased with his selection and service. However, on my most recent order he failed to include some wire (Cardas interconnect wire that he used to list as CARD8) or apply the 15% discount that he was offering and I qualified for (in spite of the absence of the wire). I sent Ron a couple of polite notes; he responded by deflecting my inquiries about the wire and ignored my request for a credit for the missing discount.

The wire was needed for a pair of interconnects I was building and it made little sense to contact Michael Percy or Partsconnexion when all I wanted was a 5' length, so I went to the source. Cardas kindly sent me the wire and told me that they were also having serious problems with Welborne Labs.

I wish this wasn't happening. The wire was annoying, but hardly a huge deal. The amount Ron owes me on the discount isn't huge (under $20), but the principal bothers me -- I earned a discount he advertised and I never got it. But I don't like being treated this way and there are very good alternatives to Welborne Labs.

So I ask the question: Is anyone else having a problem with Ron Welborne?


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