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Tubes Asylum: Re: Tubes for MFA preamp and amps by paolo4223

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Re: Tubes for MFA preamp and amps

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Hi Robert,
Thanks for the information and suggestion to contact Mr. McShane. I've been using 6550's in the amps but am curious about how KT-88's would perform.

The assortment of tubes that I'm currently running is a rather motley crew, hence my desire to replace all of them at once. The last time I retubed ( a few years ago) I was able to find almost everything I needed in an electronics surplus outlet, but the tubes had not been tested, and although "they worked," I'm certain that the performance was far from optimum.

Best regards,

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Topic - Tubes for MFA preamp and amps - paolo4223 19:09:47 07/27/03 ( 3)