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Tube DIY Asylum: RE: "Singing" Power Transformer by mikeyb

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RE: "Singing" Power Transformer

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Thanks for the analysis. I was curious, so attached a 11:1 external resistor divider from cathode to ground. Then measured the voltage with an oscilloscope. It confirms your analysis. The peak positive voltage at the cathode measures approximately 610 volts with the amp connected (an approximate 100 ma load).

I ordered a 6.3 VAC 4 amp filament transformer (Hammond 167N6). Will also have to replace the 12 amp filament transformer with a 6 amp version in order to squeeze two transformers into the space the 12 amp version occupies.

Would it be better to let the center tap of the transformer connected to the 6CA4 filaments "float" (leave disconnected) or tie it to 300 VDC?

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Topic - "Singing" Power Transformer - mikeyb 07:35:48 10/11/19 ( 18)