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Tape Trail: RE: dolby 363 with Cat 300 (Dolby SR). by topoxforddoc

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RE: dolby 363 with Cat 300 (Dolby SR).

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I use Dolby 363 SR/A on my R2R machines (Studer A820, A807/II, Otari MTR12 and 2 x Sony APR 5000). Dolby SR is great at preventing tape hiss when recording on 15 IPS R2R. You can get S/N ratio of 90-95 db - no idea what it would be on cassette at 1.875 IPS.

However, the 363 units need to be set up individually for each machine. You will need a cassette tape with test tones and some accurate meters (e.g. PPM) and a test tone generator (e.g. from a mixing desk, standalone or from a computer).

The 363 units are balanced XLR only. If you use domestic cassette machines with RCA unbalanced cables, you will also need a XLR-unbalanced converter, where you can adjust the levels to match e.g. Alice Matchpak. XLR - RCA cables alone will not do.

You will need to record Dolby SR noise at the beginning of each tape, as each tape is auto calibrated through the 363 unit.

So it's doable, but it's certainly not a plug and play.


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