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Speaker Asylum: REVIEW: Phase Technology Teatro 7.5 VDT Speakers by Duboiz

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REVIEW: Phase Technology Teatro 7.5 VDT Speakers Review by duboiz at Audio Asylum

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I own the speakers for 3 month now and they are the VDT model with the Titanium woofers. Out of the box they sound great; balanced and very, very smooth, vocal are clear, warm and completely lake of grain, man and woman voices alike. They are very forgiving and can mate with most audio gear,from inexpensive and over-bright solid state receiver to a warm sounding tube gear. (I tried them on my vintage Fisher tube receiver and they really shine)

Before the break-in period the speakers were bass shy, but after only 20 hours the bass start coming through with great authority and inner detail that surprise me, it is getting better every day since. They will not go very low, but will be very accurate, fast and clear.

I read review that they can get boomy with wrong placement, although careful placement is require for optimal imaging and sound stage, it is however true for all speakers. The vent port is at the back so some distance from the back wall is necessary. I didn't have a boomy bass in any placement I tried so I think it is probably the model before the VDT that suffer from that.

Silk dome are excellent for music, I cannot stand the sibilance and the ringing effect that metal dome present; vocal suffer from metal dome as well they give an etch that give me goose bumps in the wrong way. (go and listen to the "Energy Veritas" that one reviewer praise about)

Sound stage is very wide, actually it might be too wide so you will have to reduce the distance between the speakers a little; however the sound stages not as tall as my Magnepan that I use in my dedicated tube audio gear.

Cabinet build quality is very good for the money and the drivers that are all manufacture in Phase Technology facility are excellent, I will say that they are just as good as Vifa, Morel and even Scan Peak drivers.

Conclusion: Those speakers are a steal at only $500 to $600 street price, it is not that easy to find a dealer, but if you find one go and listen for yourself, you might find your next speakers there.

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