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RE: Best Small Floorstander?

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For reference, I have had dozens of pairs of speakers over the years, ranging from $200 to $12,000. They were all "good", but individuals hear differently and have different musical priorities.

I currently am enjoying 4 pairs: Monitors from Slverline and Joseph Audio (RM7Si SigII - one of my top 3 all time speakers for their size), a pair of Odyssey Lorelei (upgraded "Kismet" crossovers) which are a superbly musical, nearly full range ( <30Hz) speaker, and a "system" of Gallo Strada 2 with 2 TR-3D subs which are unbelievably fast and accurate and go down to the low 20s.

Either of the latter 2 would work really, really well. The Triton 5 or 7, 206 or 208 Revel, JM Reynaud, and many of the other suggestions offered would also be good choices.

BTW - any of my speakers, if interested, would be for sale. (I've got MTSE and not sure how long I will last) (MTSE - "Must Try Something Else"). Good listening!

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