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Re: Opinion about Avalon Symbol ?

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I heard the Avalon Symbols last Summer at the HE 2002 show in NYC. Driven by big tube amps, the Symbols created a *very* three-dimensional image, despite the relatively small size of the room in which they played.

I liked plenty of other rooms at the HE 2002, particularly the rooms showing Thiel 1.6s and the Totem Model 1s. The area in which the Symbols stood apart from the others, in my opinion, was in their ability to envelope me in the sound. I felt 'wrapped' in music, despite the fact that there only two of these speakers in the room. I quite enjoyed the effect.

I returned to the room twice more that day and have since been reading reviews of other models in the Avalon line-up to determine whether the "wrap-around" effect I experienced is part of the Avalon 'family sound,' or if the Symbols are unique in this regard. I'm not the most experienced listener by any means, but I was quite impressed by the Symbols.


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