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Another follow-up, I just received the following mass E-mail from AudioMagus. Their explanation of their situation is completely unsatisfactory. Especially the fact that they plan on continuing to not return communications. Keep in mind also, that they charge your credit card IMMEDIATELY when you order something, and are planning on not fulfilling any of their current orders for some indefinite period of time.


Message forwarded from bjohnson@audio-magus.com:

Great news, Audiomagus is in the process of a buyout from another company. What this means is that Audiomagus will soon be back on track offering a great product for a great price.

We would like to thank our past and current customers for the fun conversation and valuable input. It made the experience very memorable.

For the past few months we have been experiencing difficulty in several areas. Most notably fulfillment and communications. As we have been navigating through the numerous issues it became clear that the best option to handle this and have a promising future was to consider working with another company. We expect this process to be complete within the next two weeks.

While this process is occurring we have listed most products as unavailable on the website. This will help ease the transition on our end, once complete the site will be refreshed.

For all customers with current orders or any other type of transaction. We appreciate your patience and understanding so far even though it has been frustrating at times. We are working to complete the transactions we can but honestly many will be delayed until the buyout is complete. Please be assured that we are working as quickly as possible to complete this.

Regarding our communications, this as well will continue to be very inconsistent. We apologize for this but it is the nature of the situation currently. Please be certain that you have not been forgotten.

Once the transition is complete another message will be sent with more details regarding changes with the company and product lines offered.

Best regards,
Mike and Brian


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