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SET Asylum: SS vs. Tube Preamps for SET by Frihed89

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SS vs. Tube Preamps for SET

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I have two SET amps: An Audio Note (UK) Conqueror Silver 6SN7 to 300B in each channel and a U52 rectifier, and an older Don Garber Fi Audio set of 2A3 direct coupled mono amps. For a long time I have used various tube preamps with these 2 SET amps and others before them. But I am now running both of these amps with a Gilbert Yeung custom SS preamp that comes in 2 boxes. The improvement in sound quality has been amazing. Yes, some-not all of the "bloom" in my SET amps is gone, replaced by a 50-50 balance of bloom and truth, with far better instrumental and vocal texture, and a very black background.

I wonder if anyone else has found this mating (SET and SS) enjoyable?

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Topic - SS vs. Tube Preamps for SET - Frihed89 09:42:31 04/4/21 ( 10)