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Computer Audio Asylum: RE: Convolution Filters for Roon ? Anyone ? PaulN ? by bwbosler

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RE: Convolution Filters for Roon ? Anyone ? PaulN ?

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I used Mitch Barnett's services for the reasons you are running into.. a very steep learning curve. I wanted results more than knowledge so I paid the price. The service + Audiolens + microphone + decent A to D = $1000 or so at the time I did it a few years ago

Your curve above looks impossible to deal with effectively though, I am not anywhere near an expert, but being 30 dB down above 2 KHz and the steep roll off above 10K looks to me like you have issues you need to deal with before you try DSP, or maybe your test set up needs to be adjusted.

As I understand it, the EQ works by lowering the peaks, not raising the dips, so to get anywhere near flat you need to cut the mid band by 30dB

This is a shot of my actual room before (bold lines) and simulation after (pale lines) EQ. Notice the whole thing is pushed down. you can choose how much you want to level it with the idea to level out the deepest dips you have to lower it overall. If you lower the midband 30 dB you might not have enough gain elsewhere to overcome it to get a decent output level.

If you use HQplayer it can apply the filters and compensate for the volume reduction but I don't think Roon can do that

Mitch is the man

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