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Outside Asylum: RE: A photo gone viral llustrates true love.... by Bruce from DC

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RE: A photo gone viral llustrates true love....

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Dogs . . . and cats . . . remind us of our better selves. My 100 lb. Golden Retriever is terrified of thunderstorms. One thunderclap in the distance (one instance when a dog's superior hearing is not an advantage) and he's headed for a tight corner in a room. However, our 16-year old cat comes to comfort him, licks his paws and lies down next to him.

Sadly, the cat is coming to the end of his 9 lives. A week ago, my wife made a late night run to the emergency clinic (I was still at the office) with the cat. When I got home, wife was still gone and the dog was lying against the backdoor. Even after I came home and went to bed, he stayed at the backdoor.

When my wife came home at some ungodly hour, with the cat in a carrier, the dog licked at the carrier and then licked the cat all over when he was let out of the carrier.

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Topic - A photo gone viral llustrates true love.... - darkmoebius 16:56:17 08/7/12 ( 38)