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Warning..3M-77 formulation change

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I thought I would pass this on from another board for people who might be thinking of useing this product to repair their Maggies. Please be carefull and test the product for suitabillity as it now contains accetone.
The old formula can be identified by the familiar all black can. The new
formula can is dark orange faded to brown and finally black. The more
accurate way to distinguish new from old is to read the small print on the
back of the can. After the word "Contains" the first ingredient in the old
formula is cyclohexane (GOOD). After the word "Contains" the first
ingredient in the new formula is acetone (BAD).

In an effort to meet air quality standards and EPA directives, 3M has made
a formulation change in the Super Spray 77.
If you have further questions or need more information,
I can be reached directly at 1-800-285-3215, ext. 27.


Michael M. Murray
3M Industrial Markets
Technical Support Center

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