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RE: What causes the fuse to blow on Magnepan 2.7 q.r's

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The left speaker blew the fuse a few months ago and guess sometime yesterday the right speaker blew the fuse.

The first time I was playing Bob Segers Live Bullet album and thought it might have been due to the horns and the high frequency and didnt think much about it. Happened to look behind the right speaker today and found that one of the two fuses was blown , but dont really recall turning it up that loud.

On the first incident, it was obvious as there was no top end , but this second time, I didnt notice a change at all in the sound as speaker was playing full range just fine .

Spare fuses are on the way.

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Topic - What causes the fuse to blow on Magnepan 2.7 q.r's - bjamz 09:06:55 02/12/12 ( 3)