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Inmate Central: No, it makes you a person who likes straight up binary choices by Chris from Lafayette

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No, it makes you a person who likes straight up binary choices

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Either/or. Just like Dubya: you're either for us or agin' us!

You talk about proof and evidence. The only real proofs I know of are in logic or mathematics. Observational "proofs" and explanations of phenomena in the real world are another thing entirely.

As for evidence, no evidence is 100% absolute as you apparently seem to think it is. Even Newton was proven wrong in some respects. Einstein too.

You're basically a partisan of absolutist nonsense, whereas the truth of the matter is that the "knowledge" which observational science provides for us is always PROVISIONAL and subject to revision. Sure, there may only be a 0.00001% chance that angels exist, or that aliens have visited us, but that doesn't mean you can turn around and declare with 100% certainty that they don't, and that, therefore, you are somehow a "logical" person. My "observation" of you is that you're someone who gets easily triggered, and then comes on firing on all cylinders before you've thought the matter through. I can imagine you back in the Middle Ages defending the "logic" of a flat earth and then declaring yourself a "logical" person.

"angels are, to many, a religious presence, if you didn't know" - Yeah, you just can't resist your usual snarkiness.

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