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Hi-Rez Highway: RE: Marantz SA11 S2 vs. Esoteric X-05 in my system by DPM

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RE: Marantz SA11 S2 vs. Esoteric X-05 in my system

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I'm not one for hopping onto the audiophile interconnect/speaker cable merry-go-round. Do cables sound different? Yes. But those differences are minor compared to those changes brought on by changing components, speaker positioning and room acoustic treatments.

Having stated the above, most of my cabling was manufactured by a company (now out of business) called Cobalt Cable. The speaker cable is 9 gauge copper with spades, and the interconnect from the SACD player to the preamp is copper with RCA connector. The preamp-to-amp connection is via a set of Mogami quad balanced pro XLR cables. So, nothing fancy. Just solid, well-made interconnects.

Regarding the evolution of the Marantz SA11 S2, the date of manufacture on the back of my unit is July 2011. The date on the back of the demo unit was at least a year earlier--if not more. So, if you want the latest iteration I'd say make sure the date on the back is no earlier than July 2011.

I hope all of this helps you out. Good luck in your search.

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