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RE: Is it possible ...

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Back in 1994 my cancer treatment protocol included cisplatin to treat testicular cancer . Thank God 27 years later I'm still here and ready to retire in June 2022. I had some nerve damage (neuropathy) and hearing loss. I was in denial for more than 25 years about my hearing loss, I assumed just hearing at higher db's will be ok, man was I wrong.
My hearing aids (Signia, basic model $2200 a pair) really opened a new world sonically speaking for me. I had no idea all the frequencies I was missing, especially high frequencies.
Yes, the hearing aids make some music sound tinny and artificial (classical music specially violins) but for jazz is just amazing. Only a few classical recording really sound bad. Hearing aids provides a wonderful solution not perfect or 100% better but very much a satisfactory experience.
My audiologist doctor told me you have no idea how many musicians wear hearing aids, string players in particular.
I'm a happy camper with my hearing aids and I'm done with buying more stereo equipment.
Blessings to all and stay safe.

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