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General Asylum: RE: 12/17/1989: Testament @The Warfield by rottenclam

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RE: 12/17/1989: Testament @The Warfield

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A great flashback (and trip down memory lane) for a great band.

I only caught them one time, in the early 2000s, for a reunion show they did with Exodus, SOD, and a few other bands at the Maritime Hall.

Your era of San Francisco is (in my opinion) the last golden era of that city. Broadway used to really swing (your mentioning of the both the Stone and the Mab are a testament to that). There was also the Chi Chi club and the Cocodrie. Of course up by Cafe Trieste there was The Saloon by Grant and Vallejo, and don't forget the Purple Onion on Columbus down there by Clown Alley. You had the Lusty Lady for dirty dancing and Clown Alley for burgers. Within a 4 block radius it was absolute paradise!

Those were the last vestiges of the cheap arcades, music clubs, and bars that catered to beatniks, soldiers, sailors, tourists, and heshers.

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